Saturday, March 5, 2011

Road to Harvard: A program for college students.

Harvard has launched a program for students who complete their course of postgraduate in 2012.
So if you have it in you, here's some information that feed.

What is Harvard 2 + 2?
Harvard gives seat confirmed in his MBA program, while still in the year of his b.a. resumed. After completing his degree, will have to work for two years. The Faculty of Harvard help and introduction to an extensive network of partner recruitment. After two years will be full time two years from Harvard MBA program.

Who qualifies?
You must have at least one semester remaining after June 2011 to apply to the program.

When should be used?
Applications shall be submitted by 1 October 2011 (round), January 2012 (2 round) and in March, 2012 (Round 3). However, it is best to submit a proposal on 1 October 2011 HBS processes applications in roll base.

How many seats are available and what is the profile of a student?
Last year, Harvard was 115 students. This year, consumption may be more. 2 + 2 Program is primarily aimed at students who are not already a business. In addition to the Commerce and BBA students; Engineering, liberal arts and science students also have good chances of getting a seat.

What is the criteria for acceptance?
You must have:
• A solid background colour academic
• Different skills and achievements
• Assessment of 740 + GMAT;
• Demonstrated leadership

What means of leadership skills?

Harvard recognizes leadership, which can be expressed in various forms; connected with the University academic achievements or activities, the personal achievements of commitments of the community.
Harvard welcomes also display leadership in enterprise class training squadron fight, lead an independent business to lead initiatives in the work.

Do you have any other financial aid or scholarship?
Yes, 75% of the students of Harvard Business School to receive some financial assistance. Visit the Harvard Web 2 + 2 for more details about loan options and rates.