Wednesday, December 5, 2012

GMAT Timing Tip

I was called for students to discuss their preparations for me, I heard one of the biggest concern is timing. It must be a practice test or the real thing at the bottom, while the GMAT tested experience at some point during the crisis of the test, if not throughout the examination. Now you're nodding his head vigorously in agreement and some simple solutions to this problem, I hope you have the right blog.

 As I mentioned in previous reviews, gmat algorithm is designed to select the time difficult questions, and if you're breezing through the questions with files, you're probably looking at the details the issue or underestimate the difficulty level. What is worth discussing, however, that the actual time to address these concerns. In a later post, I discussed the importance of the selection to answer questions, but here lies sunk costs, a well-known cognitive biases, how to prevent students maximize their test results, I would like to mention.

Any time cost of sunk costs money and effort has been spent already and restaurateur. Cost recovery is not, do not be influenced by decisions about the future. For example, if you pay $ 100 nonrefundable tickets for the basketball game tonight, but I just learned that your best friend is in town and want to have dinner, make money, you do not need to spend that income to influence your decision today in the night. Whether or not you see a basketball game, they lose $ 100, and therefore the only factor to consider in your decision to see or play with your friend if you want to see. So, how to relate to a non-stimulation gmat?

If you spend just a minute, a question and you do not know where you're going to be small, you should not continue to try to answer the question, simply because you are already at the time. Minutes of the first question is essentially a sunk cost, so after the first minute, you should see the issue, but there is a new one. The only factor in the decision to proceed with your question is influence, and even today, it is the best use of your time to answer questions or to invent a new movement.

After two minutes, a question, but the answer is incorrect or irresponsible because details algebra or calculation error, you must not guess the question, just two minutes because you have already spent. At that time, two minutes is a sunk cost them, and the question becomes: where I am now, I have given two minutes to answer, reach the right answer? You feel you can trust, and then you have to ask if, since, at this stage, it is essential that you have a new question, two minutes to answer correctly.

Cons-intuitive as some of the above suggestions, it is essential to keep in mind as you go through the review and practice tests true. Adaptive by their nature, gmat, more than any other test takers prices strategically allocate their time as efficiently as possible. Divorcing your mentality, university and high school tests will, no doubt, need adjustments, but these adjustments, ultimately, to maximize your GMAT score. And ultimately, this is important.