Sunday, December 12, 2010


Many students find reading comprehension is the hardest part of the GMAT Verbal section. I have one thing to say you can never really solve a problem or SC to participate in the decisive reason for an argument, but it would surely read something everyday.Reading understanding requires much practice and a good understanding of the soul by the examiner .

GMAT reading tips and tricks

reading comprehension passages and 350 words. Topics contain material from the social sciences, natural sciences and biological and allied industries (marketing, finance, personnel management, etc.).
As part of reading comprehension GMAT exam contains excerpts from several academic areas, you are generally familiar with some of the documents, but no specific knowledge of the facts is necessary. All questions must be answered from what is stated or implied in the reading material.

Here is the list of .

    1. The main objective is usually the primary goal of the last paragraph.
    2. Read for Author's Main Idea and Primary Purpose.

    3. The Main Idea of the passage is the repeated idea in each of the Main ideas.

    4. Create an organization conceived in writing the basic idea and the main target after each paragraph.

    5. Read between the Paragraphs.