Sunday, June 19, 2011

Reason for Experimental questions/Unscored questions on the GMAT

Estimate the difficulty of the questions included in future trials. Questions about the GMAT test changes each calendar month, or every 30 days - so you can take the test only once every 31 days. Since GMAT is an adaptive test, a whole series of new questions that GMAC needs to develop a monthly basis and to understand one of the hardest things to develop new questions, how difficult / easy they are. To resolve this problem, about 20-30% of the questions that you are seen on the experimental test questions (for use on future tests) that GMAC to try and measure the degree of difficulty. This is one reason the test takers when suddenly alarmed, they get a simple question, after a ride, which could mean they missed the previous question, but in reality just got served an experimental question not yet assigned a difficulty level.

   Measurement and quality adjustment issue - regardless of the difficulty may be a question still of poor quality - that is, it does not measure performance fairly well, has multiple interpretations, or confused answers. After questions about the experimental verification GMAC weed them and ensure that the issues that matter close to perfection, the accuracy and consistency of the race rises to 5 years.

   Eliminate controversial issues. Some issues can be controversial or inappropriate in some cultures or parts of the world.